Smoking Lounge


From the 1st of July 2008, it will be prohibited to smoke in public space, including places to go out. A big tobacco producer assigned a pitch to design the interior of a so called Smoking Lounge, an area inside or outside the club or café where no personnel is allowed.


A generative session with owners of clubs and café's and a brainstorm with people involved in the catering industry gave us insight in the needs and wishes of both the owners of the public area as the potential users of the lounge.


Because the company did not know what they were looking for, several different ideas were generated. The goal was to offer a relaxing and attractive area, we were asked not to think about practical issues as ventilation or cleaning, but these can easily be integrated in the concepts if neccesairy. Because the company presentations were in Dutch, the text currently is only available in Dutch.

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